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PM Boc: We must tell Romanians to turn out to vote

Prime Minister Emil Boc said on introducing the Democrat Liberal (PD-L) candidates to the elections for European Parliament on Sunday that the main message that should be sent the voters is that they should turn out to vote, since the most important elections in post-December 1989 Romania are going to be held on June 7, when those who will represent the Romanians’ interests in Brussels will be elected.

The Democrat Liberal leader said in the western Timisoara city that the Euro-parliamentary polls will be a political exam for the Romanians and also for the PD-L, that won all the polls in 2004.

‘We must tell the Romanians to turn out to vote…

These elections are special since for the first time they give the Romanians the chance to elect the 33 Romanian MEPs for five years, i.e. to elect those who are going to represent the Romanians’ interests in the European Union…

The PD-L has a very coherent political programme and it is, in fact, the only Romanian party that has a policy paper for these Euro-parliamentary elections’, he stressed.

Boc explained that the Democrat Liberals’ offer for Romania is basically centred on the Romanians’ needs, among which the free movement in Europe and in the Schengen area included.

The Democrat Liberals also want that there should be no danger that a court ruling passed in Romania may not be recognised in the EU, no matter what the court; they also want to weather the economic crisis by solidarity with the EU that has already showed its solidarity by its readiness to give Romania five billion euros in financial assistance, with the money to be used for investment and to rescue jobs, he underscored.

‘The Government has managed to exceed the performances of the old Government and we are on the right track in attracting the European funds’, the prime minister said.


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