President Basescu: Crisis to decide on personal and country’s political fate

Attending on Saturday the works of the Romanian Students Congress, President Traian Basescu replied to a question from the attendance that a renewed meeting with the students next year, in the same formula, decisively depends on the crisis.

Honorary president of the Union of Romanian Students (USR) George Paduraru asked Basescu if next year „we will have the same President and the same crisis, or the same President and a reformed education system.’

„It is extremely unpleasant not to give a brief and straightforward answer to such a question. However, I will take responsibility to give you an answer I do not think will be to your liking.

Whether we will be meeting or not next year in the same formula, depends on the crisis. As I am fully aware of that, I committed to my major target, that of reducing the effects of the crisis. So, it all depends on the crisis,” said Basescu.

USR representatives offered the President a T-shirt imprinted with the logo of the organization, as they also did and in 2008, when the head of the state participated in the first edition of the Congress.

„I still have the one last year as well,” remarked Basescu upon receiving the present.

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