President Basescu warns of attempts to hamper education system’s modernization

Attending on Saturday the works of the Romanian Students Congress, President Traian Basescu estimated that attempts will be made to hamper the modernization of the education system, voicing his opinion that politicians and union leaders carry particular responsibility for the quality of the national education system.

„As you have seen, all of a sudden, there are scores of new law propositions coming up.

Why did they keep them confined to the drawers so far is hard to explain. My belief, which I also shared with trade union representatives, is that attempts will be made to hamper the modernization of education.

If the quality of education has hit the current low, politicians and education union leaders are equally responsible for that.

All the time, building on the major impact the teaching staff has in the Romanian society, they found ways to block the process of the education system’s modernization,’ said the President.

Basescu added that the greatest allies of the modernization of the education system cannot be but the end-beneficiaries of the process, specifically the schoolers and students, and called on those present to read the projects crafted by the presidential committee as solutions to get the education system out of the pothole and support them, if they consider them to be a step forward towards reforming the system.

The President also asked those in the attendance to make proposals to improve the projects, underscoring that such suggestions will be taken in consideration in full openness.

Basescu remarked that the new legislation will probably not bring much benefit to the current generation of students, as it will come into effect in several stages, but expressed his belief that the students need to get involved in finding the best solutions and motivating politicians to adopt the new laws on education in a form capable of „jolting the Romanian system out of the degradation spiral” it is currently into.

„Please rest assured that I take full accountability for my words and I want to believe that you are not so naďve as to believe such fabrication that a child earns top slots in international Olympiads only by individual effort.

This is the essence of the system we are talking about, which is deeply impaired, and I do not shy away from saying it, the academic circles are quite corrupt,’ the President made his point.

The head of the state assured that in his person the students will have a supporter of the reform of the education system.

„It is impossible to have a healthily developing country, growing to competitive standards and high performance, when the education system is in regress towards degradation and crumbling credibility,’ underlined Traian Basescu.

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