Basescu would partially remonstrate lump-sum tax to minister Pogea

President Traian Basescu on Sunday said in a TV broadcast that in his capacity of citizen he would remonstrate finance minister Gheorghe Pogea the lump-sum tax, but that on the other hand, there are arguments in its favour.

‘I believe I would reprimand the lump-sum tax. On the other hand, the tax has arguments in favour and I will give you an example wherefrom I understood it should be introduced.

For instance, many limited liability companies which bring apples from Poland, bring tomatoes from Turkey, have newver paid a single leu for the VAT.

Therefore, Turkey: apples, tomatoes, radishes, cucumbers.

They have never paid taxes to the state although they do good business, but they are family businesses, this how they are registered, they unfold businesses worth several dozens of millions of euros a year and pay zero taxes to the state,’ said Basescu.

He also said that every two days he talks with the governor of the National Bank of Romania or with the finance minister and daily with the prime minister.

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