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Cristian Diaconescu: Politics should ensure functioning and necessary majorities

The West is very much interested in the political stability of Romania and it waits for the parliamentary and governmental mechanism to be solid, said Romanian ForMin Cristian Diaconescu, in an interview with daily Evenimentul Zilei, about the prospects of the ruling coalition, given to daily Evenimentul Zilei, about the prospects of the coalition at rule, made up of the Democratic-Liberal Party (PD-L) and the Social Democratic Party (P SD), after the presidential election in the autumn of this year.

„I don’t believe somebody would gain from generating an artificial political game, be it for the election, for the period after the election, notably after the election.

I believe that the current formula is the most solid, at least under the aspect of the parliamentary support, ” Diaconescu said, who holds the vice-presidency of the PSD and is a Bucharest senator.

With reference to the relations of Romania with the Republic of Moldova, the head of the Romanian diplomacy said that around one hundred thousand citizens of this state got Romanian citizenship so far.

„From 1991, 1992, the regaining of the citizenship was granted tho those who could not have them, or member of their families, because of the historical moments. It is a formula applicable in many EU states, „stressed Diaconescu, mentioning that now around 300,000-350,000 requests are in stand-by.

He reiterated in the interview that the Foreign Ministry in Bucharest rules out” any variant of automatic getting the Romanian presidency and so generating a wave of new citizens in the EU space.

„Asked whether Romania will make a new nomination for the position of ambassador in Chis inau, after the rejection a month ago of Mihnea Constantinescu for this post, Cristian Diaconescu said that the Romanian Foreign Ministry was waiting for the new authorities resulted after the recent parliamentary election in the Republic of Moldova to take office.

„We hope in a positive attitude. We hope that in the new position, the politicians will reconsider their points of view,” said the Romanian top diplomat in the interview.


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