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Geoana: It is important to have high quality legal codes

President of the Social Democratic Party (PSD, in ruling coalition) Mircea Geoana has pleaded on Monday for the adoption of high quality legal codes, further arguing for the continuation of debates on the criminal and civil procedure codes.

Asked if he is in favor of the Government assuming responsibility on these codes, Geoana said that his main interest is to see high quality legal documents.

„I am interested in high quality codes and, under conditions in which we were assured by all the parliamentary parties, including those in opposition, under conditions in which I hope the NGOs which voiced their outright reservation complaining over the lack of consultation and when we will have an impact study, absent at the moment, I think the time will come when conditions to have high quality codes are reunited.

I am further in favor, from the democratic and civic angle, to see them rather thoroughly debated in the Parliament than to use the instrument of assuming responsibility, but in case Romania’s Parliament is comfortable with the today’s codes quality, if the non-governmental organizations will also say they are comfortable with the texts and we will also have an impact study, I think that the moment has come for their adoption, and the means are less important.

I stress that I would prefer strictly parliamentary modality, but it has the disadvantage to last longer”, pointed out the PSD leader.

Nevertheless, Mircea Geoana said that „at the level of the Presidency and at the level of the public debate there is a kind of obsession with Romania’s Parliament obligations”.

„Yes, Romania’s Parliament was ways behind with some documents adoption. Although, currently, it no longer have delays. Therefore, I urge everybody to focus on the 12 conditions yet to be fulfilled and which risk to produce significant damages from the standpoint of the Country report and even in the field of funds for Romania.

At the moment our preference is to expedite documents which are almost finalized and concentrate more in the Parliament on things pertaining to the justice field, to the General Prosecutor’s Office, to the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA), to the Upper Magistracy Council (CSM), to the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) and to the Ministry of Justice”, argued the PSD President.

He voiced his hope that the hearings of the Justice Minister Catalin Predoiu in the Parliament will be „extremely robust ones because for ways too long people have said that the Romanian justice problems are somewhere else, in the country’s Parliament, when in fact we have had four years and a half of stagnation”.


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