Iliescu: I do not believe Base scu will pull out

Honorary chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), a partner in the two-party ruling coalition, does not believe information that Traian Basescu would be considering not seeking re-election in this autumn’s presidential election and that Emil Boc would be the spare candidate of the Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L), PSD’s partner in the ruling coalition.

Iliescu said on Monday, before a meeting of the PSD National Standing Bureau, that he does not believe Traian Base scu will give up the electoral battle.

‘I do not believe Mr. Basescu will give up the battle. I do not believe Mr. Basescu will pull out; this is only empty talk,’ said the former president.
As regards the Government’s decision to have the Criminal Code and the Civil Code pass by assuming responsibility for them before Parliament, Iliescu said it does not matter any more how they pass, because Parliament has already worked on the two legal codes.

Iliescu mentioned that on May 20 it is 19 years since the first free election in Romania after the 1989 Revolution when 90 percent of Romanian voters showed up to cast their ballots.

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