Integrity Agency enquiring into fortunes worth millions of euros

The National Integrity Agency (ANI) has been enquiring into the sources of personal fortunes worth some millions of euros, having verified 2,000 people so far and fined 2,000, Financiarul reports on Monday.

ANI is currently verifying the personal fortunes of seven ministers, whose 2008 revenues totalled 3 million euros. These are Interior Minister Dan Nica; Economy Minister Adriean Videanu; Finance Minister Gheorghe Pogea; Transport Minister Radu Berceanu; Agriculture Minister Ilie Sarbu; Justice Minister Catalin Predoiu and Regional Development Minister Vasile Blaga.

The paper explains that almost one third of the Boc Cabinet is suspected of having provided wrong information in their declarations of interest submitted upon installation.

Two years in business now, ANI reports that it has sent to court one senator and two public employees, detected 45 instances of false declarations and slapped 2080 fines for failure to submit the wealth statements and declarations of interest in time.

ANI also says it has notified the court for the confiscation of money it deems unjustified in the cases of Serban Alexandru Bradisteanu, Codrut Gheorghe Vlasceanu and Vasile Voinea.

The most known case regards doctor Bradisteanu, about whom ANI says that he made illegal gains of 4 million euros while he was a senator in Romania’s Parliament, in 2000-2004.

ANI was established in order to ‘secure the carrying out of public functions and dignities in a manner that is consistent with impartiality, integrity and transparency through organisational uniform enquiries into the sources of fortunes gained while in office or carrying out official duties, checking and prosecuting conflicts of interest as well as through notification of incompatibilities,’ according to the ANI law adopted by the Romanian Parliament on May 21, 2007.

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