Ion Bazac attends meeting of health ministers in Geneva

Romanian Minister of Health Ion Bazac, MD, is in Geneva on Monday and Tuesday where the 62nd General Assembly of the World Health Organization (WHO) is held.

Romania’s delegation headed by Minister Ion Bazac attended the presentations on reducing the number of patients and deaths caused by the new flu virus, which were given by the representatives of the countries that face the most numerous and most serious cases of new flu: Mexico, Canada and the US.

During this session too they approached other subjects of interest such as: the impact of global warming and of the climate changes on health; the presentation of the WHO budget for 2010-2011; the impact of the environment and social factors on health safety; the systems of primary medicine and their importance in improving the population’s health.

Minister Ion Bazac will hold a separate talk with the Spanish Minister of Health in order to establish a future cooperation in creating the single register for stem cell donors in Romania.
Ion Bazac will also talk with the Dutch Minister about perfecting some common anti-drug programmes.


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