MAE to send 400,000 election ballots for Romanians abroad

Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs (MAE) is to send 400,000 election ballots for the European Parliament (EP) on June 7, to be used by Romanians abroad, MAE stressed.

„The need was established on the basis of estimations made by the diplomatic missions and consular offices, given the presence at the ballot box on the occasion of the previous elections and the fact that part of the Romanian citizens settled in other EU member states will cast their vote for the local candidates in the Euro-parliamentary elections”, MAE said.

On the occasion of the June 7 elections, a number of 184 voting sections will be opened in 93 countries. At the legislative elections on November 30 Romanians could cast their vote abroad in 221 sections. More than 24,000 Romanian citizens expressed their electoral choice outside Romania’s borders at the previous elections.


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