Romania can access 10.9 million euros for LIFE plus programme

Starting on September 15, 2009, the Romanian public and/or private institutions and bodies can access 10.9 million euros that the European Commission (EC) allocated to the new session of LIFE+ projects, for the current year, the Environment Ministry informs.

The applicants can send specific project proposal forms to the relevant ministry, starting this May 15. All the files lodged within the above-mentioned deadline are forwarded to Brussels, and the EU experts are later to analyze, select and monitor projects covering all the three LIFE+ components.

The projects proposed in 2009 will start on January 1, 2011 at the soonest, and in this respect, the Commission recommends the applicants to take into account the aspect when they schedule the proposals enactment’s agenda.

The Romanian Environment Ministry officials recommend the possible applicants to start preparing the projects using the application package 2008.
LIFE+ general goal is to contribute to the enactment, the updating and the development of the EU policy and laws on the environment, the environment’s integration in other policies included, contributing thus to the sustainable development.

LIFE+ aims at the enactment of the 6th EU action programme for the environment, the theme strategies included, and it funds measures and projects with European added value in the EU countries.

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