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6 of 7 authorities of structural funds management, audited

6 of the 7 authorities of structural funds management has been audited and the seventh, in the field of transport, is in ongoing auditing process, stated on Tuesday, in Bucharest, head of the Department for European Affairs Minister Vasile Puscas on the occasion of the Central and South-Eastern European financial forum.

He said that there is an avalanche of projects for European funds, but Romania has to insist on relevant projects regionally.
In his opinion, modalities of accessing the European funds must be clarified, simplified and become more transparent.

As well, even though in the past four months important steps were made from the institutional, procedural and legislative standpoints, communication and information activities of public authorities, companies and financial groups are further needed.

Minister Puscas underlined that in case Romania will not have the capacity to absorb the European Union (EU) money, penalties and corrections will be just secondary „punishments”, the most important shortcoming being that it will fail to generate its development directions.

According to vice-president of the Association of Romanian Business People (AOAR) Constantin Bostina, an European Commission analysis in March pointed out that Romania lacks the administrative capacity to manage the structural funds, an warning for Bucharest authorities concerning eventual „fund cuts”.

Over 2007-2013, Romania is earmarked to receive from the EU some 32 billion euros and its contribution to the Community budget is of seven billion euros, according to EC representative to Romania Nicolae Idu.

As such, Romania would eventually benefit of some 25 billion euros, compared to 10 billion euros in the case of Bulgaria or 65 billion euros for Poland. In 2009, Romania’s contribution to the EU budget is likely to attain some 1.4 billion euros, Idu said.


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