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Basescu: Puma helicopter maintenance base could be set up at IAR Ghimbav


The possible setting up of a maintenance base for Puma helicopters at IAR Ghimbav (near the central Brasov city) and the establishment of a technological air park at Ghimbav were two of the economic issues discussed by President Traian Basescu with French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Prime Minister Francois Fillon during an official visit to Paris on Monday and Tuesday.

‘Let us hope these projects will be achieved in the upcoming period’, Basescu said on arriving back home on Tuesday.

He said that he and President Sarkozy and Prime Minister Fillon made an analysis of the economic circumstances in Romania and France with respect to the manner in which the economic crisis is affecting the production and the unemployment.

‘Our conclusion was that the measures taken on a European level and on an individual basis by either country represent the solutions that could be tackled at minimal costs. Of course, Romania at least cannot afford to allot huge amounts of money, which it should have to borrow in order to subsidise each company in difficulty, which is a procedure that France applied.

As far as France is concerned, we must underscore that the French Government’s determined action with respect to financially backing Renault Group has had a very good impact on Dacia Renault Plant based in Pitestľ, said Basescu in relation to the carmaker based in southern Romania.

During the meetings with the French business executives, the Romanian head of state found there is full confidence in the positive developments in the Romanian market.

‘The French investors are determined to continue their investments in Romania, be they in the auto industry – in the talks with Renault president it was very clearly said they will continue the project at Titu this year – or in the retooling of hydro-electric plants (…), the rehabilitation of the railway systems or the technology transfer in any sector, from transports to the nuclear energy’, Basescu explained.

He said his talks with Prime Minister Fillon also approached the Nabucco gas pipeline project that ‘Romania and France too back unreservedly not as being a project turned against (Russian) Gazprom, but as a project that should generate competition in the gas supply to the European countries’.

Basescu announced that in talks with the French prime minister and with the transportation minister too he had spoken of the Danube River issues as a European transport corridor as well as of the need to expand the TGV project – the French high-speed railway service – from Budapest to Bucharest.

The talks between Basescu and Sarkozy placed special emphasis on the European Union’s agricultural policy, with both Romania and France supporting, without reserves, an agricultural policy that should guarantee the increased farm production in the EU.

In order for this to be achieved, ‘there is need to pursue with the policy of subsidising the farm production and the farmers as a safe solution for the foodstuffs in Europe to remain relatively cheap and to be in sufficient quantities, not only for Europe but for other regions from across the globe, where the issue of providing food to the population is felt as a problem that must be resolved’, Basescu stressed.


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