Ciuca: PC would have preferred variant of adopting codes by parliamentary procedure

The Conservative Party (PC), which, together with the Social Democratic Party (PSD), makes up the PSD+PC Alliance in the ruling coalition, would have preferred the variant of adopting the legal codes by parliamentary procedure, but does not object to the Government assuming responsibility as this decision is a political one, but especially because the draft of the criminal and civil codes that came from Parliament is a good one, PC spokesman Bogdan Ciuca told a news conference on Tuesday.
„PC thought it necessary to adopt some modern codes to match a European Romania.

At the same time we had some fears because of the short term and the procedure, but the debates in the specialist commissions strengthened our conviction that the result is a good one and that we shall have applicable codes, which will lead to a reform in justice.
We think codes are necessary.
It is true that we would have preferred the variant of adopting by parliamentary procedure, but this is a political decision, which is made in the coalition and which we finally support,” said Ciuca.

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