EC experts to evaluate MAI for second time

Experts of the European Commission (EC) on Monday started a second mission to monitor the progress recorded by Romania within the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism, the Romanian Ministry of Administration and Interior (MAI) reports in a press release.
The expert evaluation this time will focus on Romania’s progress with fighting against corruption in vulnerable sectors and in the local public administration.
The EC delegation is scheduled to visit the Romanian institutions involved in the implementation of the national strategy for the prevention and combat of corruption in vulnerable sectors and the local public administration in 2008-2010, including the Ministry of Administration and Interior, the Public Finance Ministry, the Health Ministry, and the Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation.
The Ministry of Administration and Interior presents the achievement of the measures included in Romania’s national strategy for the prevention and combat of corruption, via its General Anti-Corruption Directorate (DGA) and the Central Unit for Public Administration Reform.
According to the questionnaire drawn up by the European Commission, the MAI presents a report on the DGA’s activity August 2008 – April 2009.
The report includes an updated record of cases, information about the operational capabilities (human resources, training, infrastructure), prevention activities conducted by the MAI, as well as other information about institutional development (including cooperation between DGA and other field institutions).
This is the second mission is a series of three organised this year in Romania by the European Commission, and it is carried out May 18-22.
During the first evaluation mission of May 5-8, the EC experts verified whether benchmarks 3 and 4 in the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism were achieved that concern the fight against corruption at central and local levels.
The expert team will be back to Bucharest early this June for their third mission to verify the observance of all the benchmarks included in the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism.
In preparing each of these missions, the Romanian authorities submit to the European Commission reports on the progress made by Romania over the past year in order to provide a full picture of the realities in the Romanian judiciary, both at central and at local levels.
The results of the evaluation missions and the reports of independent experts participating in the missions will play an essential part in building up the conclusions in the summer report of the European Commission.

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