European sea day marked by the Naval Forces

The European sea day, May 20, is marked in the structures of the Romanian Naval Forces by a series of cultural events.
Spokesman for the Romanian Naval Staff Mugurel Pascu said, on Tuesday, at the Museum of the Romanian Navy, in Constanta, south east of Bucharest, that on May 19, there take place openings of the exhibition of theme book and navigation objects, and of the exhibition of painting and stamps, as well as a meeting during which debated will be theme works.
On May 20, in the concert hall, of Constanta Military Club organized will be a gala of documentary films on the „Naval Forces’, an elite category of the Romanian Armed Forces, a presentation on the „Black Sea in the strategic geopolitics of Europe’ and a recital of folk verses and music of the members of the Sonar group.
Over May 11-20, at the Military Club in the garrison of Mangalia (city-town to the Black Sea), the European maritime day is marked by an exhibition of books and images, an exhibition of maritime painting „The sea in Europe” and by a symposium of verses and folk music carried out by the members of Sonar group.
The European Union has decided to celebrate the achievement and potential of the ocean and the seas of Europe, declaring the date of May 20, the European sea day. On the basis of a proposal of the Commission, this day dedicated to the sea will encourage the better management of the cost areas, of the seas and the coast areas, by all citizens and the interested parties.

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