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First congress of PD-L branches in diaspora

William Branza, a deputy of the Liberal Democratic Party (PD-L), told a news conference on Tuesday that the Liberal Democrats would organize the first congress of the party branches in the diaspora on May 23 and 24, in the province of Castellon, at Oropesa del Mar, Spain.

The leader of the party, Premier Emil Boc, is expected to attend the congress.
During the meeting they will make an examination of the number of party members in the diaspora but also of the problems of these organizations. The deputy said that there were over 3,500 PD-L members in the diaspora.

„We plan, in the diaspora, to get a score above 60 percent in the europarliamentary elections,” said William Branza.

He based his estimation on the high percentage, over 95 percent, Traian Basescu is said to have got in the diaspora in the referendum on his being dismissed from his position, over 70 percent in the previous europarliamentary elections and almost 50 percent in the 2008 parliamentary elections.

In his turn, PD-L first-vice-chairman Theodor Stolojan, who tops the PD-L list for the European Parliament, said that the Liberal Democrats would back lifting the restrictions the EU member states preserved for the Romanians in point of the free movement of the workforce, in point of recognizing the Romanian diplomas but also social rights and the right to get medical care anywhere in the EU.

According to Stolojan, PD-L will emphasize before the EU officials that „the problem of the Roma people is not a Romanian problem, it is a European problem.”

The Liberal Democrats will also support the Republic of Moldova joining the EU, with the observance of the human rights, not with their brutal violation, he added.

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