Justice Minister Predoiu: The adoption of the civil and criminal codes is excessively politicised

Justice Minister Catalin Predoiu on Tuesday told Senate that the adoption of the legal codes opens the perspective for a better report of the European Commission, adding that, unfortunately, his stance is exploited for political ends.
In a hearing before the Senate’s Legal Committee ahead of the justice report to be issued by the European Commission this July, he said the need for these legal codes is uncontestable, but pointed to the tendency toward ‘excessive politicisation’ of the topic.
‘There is an uncontestable need for new codes and nobody seems to have denied this aspect. Unfortunately, the attitude toward these projects and the tendency toward excessive politicisation of the issue affected public credibility all the way from the start.
The lack of political honesty and maturity of some having approached the topic will surely affect the evaluation as far as the codes are concerned,’ said Predoiu.
He mentioned that in 2008 nobody would talk about the codes, although works on some of them had been conducted for over 10 years and were posted on the website of the Justice Ministry in their initial version almost one year before.
Predoiu pointed out that the finalisation of the codes was the main objective of the Justice Ministry in 2008, and the February report of the European Commission noted this as a positive development, but warned that they also have to be adopted.
‘When they were presented I mentioned that their adoption would open the perspective for a better report, without fully solve all the issues of the monitoring, my stance was exploited for political ends and misinterpreted in the oddest ways.
The February 26 meeting at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace only toughened the debate further, turning a technical issue into a political dispute, adding nothing better to the quality of debate,’ said Predoiu.
The minister did not underrate the importance of public debate, mentioning that he comes from the private sector, where he learned what the government’s decisions can mean when they are hastily taken. He commended Parliament for alacrity in debating the draft civil and criminal codes, and for the MPs’ contributions to improving some articles thereof.
Predoiu underscored that political compromise is required for these important drafts to be published in the Official Gazette.
He said he is proud that he did not make the mistake of abandoning previous drafts to start it all over again to claim authorship, mentioning that their adoption will be a positive mention in the European Commission report, without being the decisive factor.
Predoiu also said that the European Commission would like Romania to observe what it pledged in 2006 as far as the reform of the judiciary and the fight against corruption are concerned, as based on those commitments Romania became a member state of the European Union.

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