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Ministry of SMEs concludes 105 mln euros worth contracts based on structural funds

Ministry of SMEs, Commerce and Business Environment (MIMMCMA), has contracted structural funds in the amount of 105 million euros on the competitiveness programme, announced on Tuesday State secretary with MIMMCMA Maria Parcalabescu in the Central and South-Eastern European financial forum, organized in Bucharest.

„We started in February and contracted 105 million euros. This week, the first five bills from the first five beneficiaries, who signed with us in Feb. – March, have come for payment.
Till the end of May, we will finalized all the four programmes – small investments, standardization, consultancy and internationalization – and we hope to finalize the big investment programme, as well”, stressed Maria Parcalabescu.
She added that the European funds allocated to MIMMCMA in 2009 are up to 196 million euros and that she hopes in October – November the money will reach the market for this new projects offer, given that the time from project submission till signing was reduced to 60-90 days and a pre- financing of 35 percent has been introduced.
According to MIMMCMA official, 714 projects were submitted in the big investment programme, but half were rejected due to the administrative chapter. Of the 324 projects reaching the final stage, 270 were judged zero according to the technical economic parameters and of the 52 eligible projects the money will reach just 35.
In 2009, 80 million euros were allocated to this programme.
The State secretary also mentioned that an agreement was concluded with the Ministry of Communications for a new project of implementation of 10 software parks in eight regions, where 5,000 new jobs will be created and that MIMMCMA also prepares the launch of a large project for technological parks and a project with the Ministry of Labor for vocational training centers.

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