PM Boc: Coalition was no joy for PD-L, or for PSD

Ruling coalition was no joy from political standpoint, neither for the Liberal Democrat Party (PD-L), nor for the Social Democratic Party (PSD), stated on Tuesday, on the radio public channel, Premier Emil Boc, commenting President Traian Basescu’s statement, according to whom the political solution found in December last also represented a self disappointment.

„This was no joy for PSD, or for PD-L to forge this coalition and I refer here to a joy from political point of view. We practically were adversaries during the electoral campaign. Each of the two parties wanted to rule the country alone.

This is the political situation we reached.

We have placed, ahead of our political priorities and ambitions, Romanians’ interest in overcoming this difficult period with a Government capable to secure the country’s stability. If we gained the majority, we could have ruled alone. But this is what Romanians chose, this is what we have”, said Boc.

He reminded that the Prime Minister is the guarantor of the implementation in the Government of the partnership concluded between the two political formations.

President Traian Basescu, present on Monday evening at Romania’s Embassy in Paris, had said that through the political solution adopted in December last year, of backing the alliance between the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL), which he headed until 2004 and the leftist Social Democratic Party (PSD), he disappointed himself as well, but he went for it because he wanted to secure the country’s political stability.

„Many of you backed another solution than the left wing. I think that with the political solution we have found out in December I have disappointed many of you.

You should know that I have disappointed myself, as well. Beyond anything else, I had the obligation to offer Romania a stable solution. At a time when the crisis was approaching, I could have stuck to my principles and pushed the country towards political instability. I chose to sacrifice my own political beliefs rather than push Romania towards political instability.

I can be judged or appreciated for that, but what’s important is Romania’s political stability,” Basescu told the Romanians he met with on Monday evening at Romania’s diplomatic mission in Paris.

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