PNTCD to promote economic patriotism in European Parliament

President of the Christian Democratic National Peasant Party (PNTCD, a non-parliamentary party) Marian Petre Milut said in an interview with Agerpres his party, at the elections for the European Parliament, will have no problem in getting the 50,000 votes required to avoid being wiped out, in line with the Law no. 14/2003 on the political parties.
Milut, who tops the party’s list of candidates for the Euro-polls due in June, has set the 5 percent electoral threshold as his goal and said the PNTCD approaches his voters also by means of the online socialising networks Facebook and Twitter.
Milut explained that the PNTCD should show the people that the other parties’ manner of approach and behaviour not only put the democracy at danger, but also run the risk of a circle being closed at a certain moment, one which nobody will be able to enter.
‘False topics are being created, such as the candidacy for the country’s president or the conflict between the Social Democrats and Democrat Liberals which, in fact, is non-existent, since they rule together and they cannot fight at the same time. It is a merely apparent conflict, since they in fact have a single problem:
the battle between (President Traian) Basescu and (Social Democrat leader Mircea) Geoana. They have ways of understanding one another in their parties by means of their children, by godfather-like relationships’, Milut said.
Under these circumstances, the PNTCD should tell the citizens they should go to the ballot box and break this circle, so that the PNTCD may enter it, since it is a European party and brings a totally different image.
Milut explained that in the case of a low turnout, it is the big hard-core parties that win, since their interest is ‘to stir rows so that the people get sick with such a behaviour and only some 10 percent may go to the ballot box’.
‘There are few persons who can develop the term of economic patriotism. This is the very reason why we launched it. (…) The economic patriotism means to preserve the traditions, to promote certain things that are specific of this region.
When we speak of agriculture in this area, we must say we have a unique peculiarity. The plain of Baragan (southern Romania – editor’s note) is almost unmatched in Europe, since it lies between two rivers’, he said.
Milut insisted the Romanians should cast their vote for the PNTCD, as it is the only party that took Romania into the European Union and NATO. ‘Why should it be tortured a second time? Hundreds of thousands of people died in prisons, why should now other generations have to die?
At first we had been turned to Moscow, while after 1996-2000 we turned to the European Union, when the PNTCD came to power. Why did it disappear afterwards? Because it was a danger to the Communist-Securitate mafia, since the party had grown stronger and they, as having Communist roots, would not have represented such an interest to the voters and would have been wiped ouť.
Milut said that as a member of the European Parliament he might act in the industrial area, in infrastructure, road development, naval and air issues, i.e. in the Commission on industries or budget and finance, where he might draw up projects for the development of certain branches of the economy or certain regions.
‘I don’t think the PNTCD will ever forge an understanding in the future, either with the National Liberals (PNL) or any other party, since we now run by political families. We are part of the European People’s Party, the PNL is part of the European Liberals’ family.
There could have been the possibility to make an alliance with the Democrat Liberals (PD-L) or the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR), but the PD-L wants to destroy everything around it and to remain alone’, Milut said.

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