Ponta: Penal, civil codes to be passed by Parliament if it has time

The draft Penal and Civil Codes will be passed by the Parliament as initiatives of the MPs in the specialised sub-commissions if the procedures can be carried out by mid-June, when the European Commission specialists are expected to wrap up their drafting of the Monitoring Report on justice, Social Democrat Victor Ponta, who coordinates the Sub-Commission on the Penal Code said on Tuesday.

He made the remarks after having handed over the Senate’s Standing Bureau the draft Penal Code assumed as a legal initiative of the parliamentarians representing the ruling Social Democrats and Democrat Liberals and the opposition National Liberal Party and Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania, who were part of the specialised sub-commission.

According to Ponta, who is also a Minister for the Relation with the Parliament, the Government will assume responsibility for the two codes only if the two draft acts fail to be adopted by the parliamentary procedure before the European Commission draws up its report.
He explained the Government will assume responsibility for the draft codes currently held by the Senate.

‘The ruling coalition’s decision to assume responsibility is related to the last minute when the adoption of the two codes can still be included by the European Commission experts in the (justice) report due in July. If at a certain moment we see no fast moves were made and that we run the risk to see the European experts’ evaluation closed and that the European Commission’s report might not write that we do have those two codes, then and only for this reason the Government will take a faster route’, Ponta explained.

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