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Predoiu: I was not consulted over Govt. assuming responsibility for codes

Minister of Justice and Citizens Freedoms Catalin Predoiu stated on Tuesday, in the Senate, that he was not consulted by the leaders of the ruling coalition over the decision of the Government assuming responsibility for the criminal and civil codes.

„As you know, I do not attend coalition’s works and I was not consulted over this decision. I expect to have a discussion with Mr. Prime Minister and after that I will announce my stance”, said Predoiu.

As such, he responded to a question addressed by the Social Democratic Party (PSD, in ruling coalition) senator Ioan Chelaru on the occasion of debates organized on Tuesday in the Senate’s Judicial Committee.

„I cannot comment the political reasons leading to this formula in the Monday meeting of the coalition because it would mean to infringe the prerogatives entrusted to me by the coalition, which was sent by the people to rule the country.

My mandate is a limited one to a series of technical aspects”, explained Predoiu.

He reminded that his initial stance, expressed in February, at a meeting at Cotroceni Presidential Palace, was in favor of a second round of public debates prior to the Govt. assuming responsibility, in which to participate party and Parliament experts, „because the accent was laid on the political character, of politically assuming the legal codes content”.

„We have reached the result we all know.
And now decisions are taken in which, due to the status entrusted to me by the Govt., I cannot take part in.

This is a decision taken by the coalition, which will most likely be materialized into a Government’s decision”, underlined the Justice Minister.

Social Democrat senator Ioan Chelaru also asked Predoiu if he feels remorse for eventual failures during his mandate. Catalin Predoiu replied he self-reproaches the fact he failed to get a higher percentage for Justice at the adoption of the state budget, in February.


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