Premier Boc: Minister of Justice to establish name of document Government assumes responsibility on

The name of the document by which the Government will assume the responsibility on the two legal codes, the criminal and the civil ones, will be established by the Minister of Justice, Premier Emil Boc told the public radio station on Tuesday.

„The Ministry of Justice is the one to make the proposal to the Government and we shall discuss it in the Government after we receive from Parliament the reevaluated form of the Government’s initial proposal, amended after the parliamentary discussions.

On the basis of the proposal made by the Minister the Government is going to decide on the formula exactly,” said Boc.

He added that the assumption of responsibility on the two codes was decided on, in point of procedure, as early as February, but the exact contents of the project were not yet known either by Minister of Justice Catalin Predoiu or the Government.

„After we get the text amended by Parliament, the Minister of Justice will be the first to examine it although the Ministry of Justice took part in the two codes, on commissions, all along the debates. He will make us a proposal and we shall make a decision in the Government,” said Boc.

His reply came as a consequence of the statements made by Minister of Justice Catalin Predoiu on Tuesday when he was heard by the Senate. Predoiu said that the leaders of the ruling coalition did not consult with him on the decision of assuming the Government’s responsibility for the civil and criminal codes.

„As you know I do not attend the work of the coalition. I have not been asked for advice on this decision in advance either. I am expecting to have a talk with the Prime Minister and, afterwards, I am going to state my position,” said Predoiu.

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