Stock exchange opens with 2.5 percent rise

Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) opened up its transactions on Monday, and the general index of the market BET C registered an appreciation of 2.54 percent, at the opening of the session.
The BET-FI index of the SIFs saw a 3.46 rise and the main index BET, reflecting the evolution of the most liquid ten shares listed was up 3.02 percent, in the first ten minutes since the start of the transfers.
The ROTX index rose 3.90 percent, the extended BET-XT index, of the most liquid 25 shares surged 3.24 percent, and the sectoral index for energy and utilities BET NG saw an appreciation of 1.94 percent.
The liquidity of BVB stood at 1.304 million euros, and transferred on the Rasdaq market of the BVB were, in the first forty minutes since the opening shares of a total value of 22.268 euros. The most liquid shares were those of SIF 5 Oltenia, BRD, SIF 2 Moldova, Transylvania Bank and SIF 3 Transylvania.
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