UDMR disagrees with Government assuming responsibility for civil and criminal codes

The Democratic Union of Hungarian in Romania (UDMR, in opposition) does not agree with the Government assuming responsibility for the codes of civil and criminal procedure, leader of the Union Marko Bela told a press conference on Tuesday.

‘In general, we disagree with the legislative activity of the Government.

We do not agree with the multitude of Emergency Ordinances adopted by the Government and we do not agree with the idea of the codes being adopted by Government assuming responsibility for them.

The Constitution gives indeed the possibility to the Government to adopt a draft law by assuming responsibility for it, on the one hand, or by issuing Emergency Ordinance, on the other hand. But we believe the governors should be more reluctant, especially when it comes of such major legislative acts of an extreme importance for the entire society and that are, in fact, influencing the building of the major institutions existing in Romania, Justice this time,’ the UDMR leader said.

He also voiced hope the bills of the two codes the Government intends to assume responsibility for will include also the amendments adopted by the specialized parliamentary committees.

‘Regardless of the text being acceptable or not, in our opinion, such major bills should be debated in the Parliament. If we want a democratic system, then we need to accept that the legislative body of the state, including in Romania, is the Parliament. That’s why, we cannot agree with this modality to be used for adopting the codes,’ Marko Bela said.

Leaders of the governing coalition in Bucharest on Monday decided the Executive to assume responsibility early this June for the civil and criminal codes.

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