Romania’s Health Minister Ion Bazac met the chargé ďaffaires of the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest Mrs Jeri Guthrie-Corn on Wednesday.
Minister Bazac presented the U.S. dignitary the main reform steps that the Health Ministry is to take in Romania’s healthcare system, this year.
The U.S. chargé in her turn assured Minister Bazac that the U.S. experts would grant support for the start of the hospital accreditation project given that the US accreditation pattern is highly performing.
They also talked about the importance of the private investments in the healthcare system, particularly through setting up private clinics and the U.S. official asked details about the new medicine policy the Health Ministry had launched early this year.
Minister Bazac explained the changes the Romanian healthcare system will undergo through decentralization.
Mrs Guthrie-Corn congratulated Romania’s Health Minister for his activity so far and assured him of the support for all the points of the reform that he had started from the very beginning of his term in office.
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