Authorities not to outsource for time being European projects to banking system

The Romanian authorities will not outsource, for the time being, the projects for structural funds from the European Union, but they will study that in the years to come, according to the general manager of the Central Authority for Structural Instruments Stefan Cioban.
„In 2008, there were problems with the low speed of approval of the projects. The externalization to the evaluation of the projects towards the banking system is an option.
Some member states have made that choice but not from the first years, some others We decided that in the first two or three years after accession, the outsourcing is to be made towards consulting companies or independent evaluators.
When a more advanced outsourcing will be needed, we will study this possibility with the banking system and other member states. without prejudicing the correctness of the use of funds, said, on Monday, Stefan Cioban, at the central financial and South-East European Forum in Bucharest.
Head of the Department for European Affairs Vasile Puscas said that the process of outsourcing began for the projects of small and medium sized companies, considered „non-banking”.
The projects submitted for funding through European structural funds from the commercial banks are considered ‘non-bankable”.

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