Development of power plants, solution for increase in energy independence

President Traian Basescu said, on Tuesday, when he returned from France, where he visited, among others, the nuclear reactor of the 3rd generation in Flamanville, under construction now, that the development of nuclear plants is a solution for an increase in the level of energy independence.
President Sarkozy and I, we have the same point of view. That the development of power plants is the solution for the increase in the level of energy independence, being, at the same time, a friendly solution with the environment, with the nuclear power plants not generating pollution,” said the Romanian head of state.
The president reminded that Romania was the first country that said as early as 2006, in Hampton Court that an increase in the energy independence is possible also by the development of nuclear programmes.
„The only problem, under discussion continues to be the increase in the level of security of the nuclear reactors. In Europe, notably in France, this technology, the nuclear reactors of the 3rd generation are a reality. I have visited such a reactor today, designed to develop 1,500 Mw/hour, ” said president Basescu.
He added that during talks with representatives of the French business environment he has talked with companies interested in the re-engineering of nuclear power plants, he added that the process is necessary for the reduction of the level of emissions of the coal-fired plants, with the commitment having to be met until 2010.

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