Emil Boc: We’ll have a sole law on the state-employees’ wage system

Romania will have a sole law on the wage system of the state employees and there will be no special laws in this respect, said on Wednesday PM Emil Boc.
‘We’ll have a single law on the state-employees’ wage system and I want to announce to the working panel with the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection who is working on drawing up this normative act the Government’s decision,’ said PM Emil Boc.
PM Boc told the members of the Commission that there couldn’t exist special wage laws, despite some public institutions having own revenues. The wage law has to be unitary for all state employees. According to the Romanian Premier, the unitary law on wage system will bring common sense and justice to the public system’s wage system.
Boc reaffirmed the Government’s decision that the unitary law on the wage system of the state employees should be carried out, debated and approved this year so that it might be implemented as of January 1, 2010.
The unitary law on the state employees’ wage system alongside the unitary law on pensions are the two laws required by the International Monetary Fund when granting the loan to Romania.
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