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Green energy enhances companies’ efficiency

There is an obvious political will to enhance our responsibility towards the environment. But you can rightfully raise the question: What do you get as business people? Which would be the reasons to make you opt for a greener approach in your business?
The answer resides in economic arguments, said the British Ambassador to Bucharest, H.E. Robin Barnett present in the seminar on „Renewable energy sources: a responsible solution for environment”, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bucharest Municipality (CCIB) and the Embassy of Great Britain to Bucharest.
„More than ever we need to introduce all allowed incentives in the European Union legislation in the field of green energy and environment. As such, we must boost through all legal means the production of energy from renewable sources, increase of energy efficiency, investments in non-polluting technologies and efficient management of waste materials.
The strategy in the energy field – realistic and coherent – must be also aimed at giving an impetus to research-development in this sector”, appreciated on the same occasion CCIB President, University Professor Dr. Engineer Sorin Dimitriu, CCIB informs in a release.

Amid advantages a business person can benefit, who makes use of renewable energy, features the cut and stabilization of operating costs, cut in greenhouse gas emissions, which represent a financial an regulatory risk and last, but not least, the fact that the use of renewable energy can contribute to the company’s image upgrading.
As well, the companies committed since the inception to the development of green technologies will benefit of the first come, first served advantage, will turn out more competitive and will be better placed to reap the fruit of their efforts, when the economy is re-launched, Ambassador Robin Barnett also underlined.
The seminar represented an opportunity for those more than 100 present Romanian economic operators to hold talks with representatives of the Romanian authorities involved in the green energy field (Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Environment, Administration of the Environment Fund, National Regulatory Agency in Energy Field, Romanian Agency for Energy Conservation).
The renewable resources are an essential alternative to fossil fuel. The already account for 13 percent of the global energy output and for 18 percent of electricity production worldwide. As an EU member state, Romania agreed that by 2020 it will boost to 24 percent the weight of renewable sources in the national energy consumption, from the level of 17.8 percent registered in 2005.

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