MAE requests lifting visa requirements for Canada

Secretary of State for Strategic Affairs Bogdan Aurescu on Wednesday met President of the Canadian Senate Noel Kinsella, whom he asked for the lifting of the visa requirements for the Romanian citizens and the Canadian official voiced his country’s willingness to achieve this target as soon as possible, informs a release of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE).
„Lifting visa requirements for the Romanian citizens will contribute substantially to making both economic exchanges and personal, intercultural, relations between the citizens of the two states easier to achieve,” said Bogdan Aurescu.
The President of the Canadian Senate voiced the entire willingness to support by the Parliament in Ottawa for the achievement of this target as soon as possible.
Bogdan Aurescu also asked the Canadian official for support to open a section of the Romanian language and culture in Ottawa as well as to expand the cooperation with the Canadian federal government on an academic plane.
Secretary of State Bogdan Aurescu and President of the Canadian Senate Noel Kinsella reiterated their common appreciation for the close cooperation between the two states within NATO, in the operations theatre in Afghanistan included. They also mentioned the necessity for a bilateral cooperation in the process of drawing up NATO’s new Strategic Concept.

During the meeting they also exchanged opinions of the political developments in the Black Sea area as well as of all the topical subjects on the international political agenda.
The two high officials mentioned the excellent level of the bilateral relations, emphasizing the special character of the partnership between the two states in the context in which Romania and Canada, in 2009, celebrate the 90th anniversary of their bilateral relations.
In the agenda there was a wide range of subjects of common interest, the subjects dealt with being part of the expanded cooperation framework, both bilaterally and multilaterally, between Romania and Canada.
They made an inventory of the opportunities to consolidate and make the economic component of the bilateral relation more dynamic.
The Canadian official voiced the special interest taken by the authorities in Ottawa in the corresponding capitalization of the role of the port of Constanta (south-eastern Romania, on the Black Sea shore) in strengthening the trade relations between the two states, initiation of some concrete local cooperation projects included.
The meeting took place in the context of the official visit paid by the President of the Canadian Senate to Romania over May 17-20, 2009. Kinsella was accompanied by a parliamentary delegation.
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  1. AlexMcNeil spune

    Come on Canada stop fucking around with the EU. You know the rules all EU Citizens are treated the same in regards to the EU-Third Country Visa Reciprocity Law.

    I hope the EU-Canada Free Trade Agreement gets scrapped and all Canadian Tourists will need Visas for the EU. They deserve that.

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