MEPs campaigning for a new mandate

Overcoming prejudices regarding the European Parliament and making the electorate go to the polls for the euro-elections on June 7 are the main goals of the lection campaign, MEPs Gabriela Gretu and Renate Weber said Tuesday during a debate dubbed „Two years of European Parliament – What has been.. .What we have learned.. .What comes next…” a debate staged by the EP’s information bureau and the Association of the Political sciences students.
Gabriela Cretu, member of the European Parliament, has said that she tried to convince the electorate that the EP’s decisions impact the everyday life and that the EP represents the citizens’ voice and not the voice of the Romanian state.
Gabriela Cretu, representing the Romanian Social Democratic Party, and Renarte Weber with the National Liberal party , both running for a new MEP seat, said that the current campaign for the euro-elections is shadowed by the one for presidency.
ccording to the latest barometer this April, the Romanian electorate’s to vote in the euro¬elections stands at 34 percent, equal to the European average.
Gabriela Cretu and Renate Weber voiced the intention to carry on the projects they started during the current mandate and fight against any type of discrimination.
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