PM Emil Boc: Wages of new employee, subsidized from European funds

PM Emil Boc said, on Tuesday, at Victoria governmental Palace, that the government has, in a partnership with the European Commission, a programme in support of the companies for the creation if jobs.
„This is an extremely important programme that the Government has for the support of companies. It is a programme which the government, in a partnership with the European Commission, as part of the European Social Fund, has for the subsidizing of the wages of the new employees.
The companies can be granted financial support for covering 50 percent of the cost of salaries, there is a possibility for the cost of salaries, this financial support for the companies can go up to 24 months, ” explained the prime minister.
According to him, the sum allocated for this component stands at 61 million euros, it is at the disposal of the companies, ” in order to support the jobs and the private environment.
Money will be allocated under this programme also for the training of employees as well as for the improvement of the work conditions, Boc also said.
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