Project for Roma, disabled and low-income persons launched

The National Agency for the Roma (ANR) on Wednesday launched the project called Together for a Better Society aimed at the ethnic Roma, the disabled and the persons living on a low income.
The project has some five million euros worth of budget and it is financed by the European Social Fund by means of the Operational Sectoral Programme for the Development of Human Resources; the money will be used for counselling, job training and the setting up of eight regional resource centres for the social economy.
Furthermore, 80 projects will be drawn up on social economy issues with a view to developing the firms and cooperative units.
Thus, at least 60 new jobs will be created in workshops, small factories, small production farms and 2,000 persons will get skills for the job market.
The specific goals of the project include the setting up of the Regional Centres for social economy resources, the training of experts for these centres, training the persons to get skills for the job market, forging regional partnerships for the promotion of social economy, the establishment of county support groups for the social economy and the drawing up of projects on social economy.
The target group includes 1,000 ethnic Roma, 800 people living on the minimum guaranteed income and 200 disabled persons.
The project will be conducted by 2011.
‘We are aware of the condition of the Roma and of the disabled persons and we are ready to inform them, to help them and to counsel them on the long-term so that they may get skilled in certain trades and live on the crafts they traditionally practise’, ANR chairman Robert Laurentiu Iapornicu said.

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