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Romanian-Bulgarian-Serbian joint trilateral center of contact in Vidin

A Romanian-Bulgarian-Serbian center will operate, starting this July, in Vidin , Bulgaria.
The decision has been made during a meeting of the interior minsters of the three states, held, on Tuesday, in Bulgaria.
Deputy prime minister Dan Nica, minister of the Administration and the Interior, along with his counterpart from Bulgaria, Mikhail Mikov, and the one from Serbia, Ivica Dacic, it was set that the problems managed as part of this center should focus on the cooperation in the field of police and customs.
Bulgaria is to word proposals on the operation of the center, which will turn operational after the signing of an agreement in this respect.
Also during the meeting, signed was a common declaration reconfirming the commitment of the parties to accelerate the joint cooperation, in a trilateral format, between the relevant ministries of Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia.

Also, the Romania and Bulgaria ministries of the interior signed two new legal instruments of cooperation, regarding cross-border police cooperation in criminal matters and an agreement for the operation of a common center of cooperation between the customs police.
On the territory of Romania, operational has been, since December 2002, a Romanian- Bulgarian contact center, succeeding to make more exchanges on a regional plane, from the border with Turkey to Western Europe.
The main fields of cooperation are people trafficking, the combating of illegal migration, the combating of the traffic with stolen vehicles, of forgery in traveling papers and the identification of persons.

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