Rovana Plumb: My objective remains full equality between men and women

The Social Democrat candidate in the elections for the European Parliament (EP), Rovana Plumb, referred in an interview  to her main objectives in the European legislative forum, to her activity in EP, so far, as well as to the voting presence.
Rovana Plumb stressed, first of all, that she was persuaded to candidate again for an European MP mandate by the feeling that there are still many things to be done in favor of Romanians and for Romania in the European Parliament.
„I started a project in 2007, I want to continue it in the five years to come. I think that Romania must have an influent voice in the European Union and I want to contribute to this aim through my activity”, she added.
Referring to her priorities as an European MP, Rovana Plumb stated they are in general related to the improvement of Romanians’ life through improved social policies at European level and, specifically, the achievement of a genuine gender equality, improvement of the family life through an European leverage, respectively higher attention paid to education and health care at the EU level.
Rovana Plumb also voiced her hope, during this interview, that Romanians will come to the vote in a percentage of more than 30 percent, so that the representation degree is as high as possible. „But, unfortunately, the premises of a high participation level are lacking”, she remarked.
In connection with her EMP activity so far, Rovana Plumb underlined she acted according to the set priorities since the very beginning and that she used all EMP leverage to this end: she headed EP working group for the improvement of children life quality, initiated an EP resolution on the situation of children remained in the country of origin – situation encountered by many children with parents at work in Spain and Italy and always advocated a genuine equality between men and women a.s.o.

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