Vet twinning project between Lithuania and Romania

A project in the vet field field and for the safety of foods was officially opened, on Wednesday, on Wednesday, at the hqs of the National Sanitary-Veterinary Authority and for the Safety of Food (ANSVSA).
The project has been funded from the funds of a programme on „Incentives in Transition”.
Attending the event were Vladimir Jarmolenko, the Lithuanian ambassador in Romania, officials from the vet sector and that of the safety of food from Lithuania, officials from the Ministry of Finance of Romania, and from ANSVSA.
The purpose of the project is to continue the strengthening of the administrative capacity of the vet services and those for the safety of foods in Romania.
The results expected under this project include the improvement of the capacity of ANSVSA is to draw up programmes for the monitoring, eradication and control of the animal diseases, including the stamping out procedures for classical pig pest, blue-tongue diseases, etc., the increase of vets competence and of the auxiliary staff, and the development of a strategic approach in the development and a strategic approach and of a campaign for the education and information of the population in the case of the appearance of outbreaks of such diseases.
The project will run on a period of nine months, it will end in Feb 2010. ANSVSA will have as a partner in the project the relevant state services from Lithuania.

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