Fiscal Code to be endorsed in H2

The Government will endorse the Fiscal Code in the second half of the year, as it is to be enforced in 2010, the Public Finance minister Gheorghe Pogea said on Wednesday.
Recently he stated that the draft law of the Fiscal Code should be publicly debated.

The Fiscal Code will not come into force sooner than six month from now. Many of the projects or alterations will be enforced commencing with 2010, exception making the calendar of acceleration of the excises for tobacco and alcoholic drinks, which could be known from April”, the minister specified in March.
Pogea said that the Fiscal Code draft law should „be passed through the experts filter, in order to avoid possible problems or disagreements”.
As for the non-taxation of the reinvested profit, the provision will be enforced during 2009, Pogea added.
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