ForMin Diaconescu does not comment on reports that three Russian diplomats expelled

Romanian Foreign Affairs Minister Cristian Diaconescu did not wish on Thursday to comment on the alleged expulsion of three Russian embassy staff who were allegedly involved in the Floricel Achim espionage case, on which the media carried reports after information from the ‘Austrian document’ had been released by the press.
‘In the same way that other states voiced a viewpoint, I cannot comment on the diplomatic documents on which nobody has assumed responsibility, i.e. either with respect to their content or the way in which they were made public’, Diaconescu said when asked by a reporter about the information regarding the alleged expulsion of three Russian diplomats.
The Romanian national press has recently carried information that a so-called internal report of the Austrian embassy, allegedly drawn up after a meeting by President Traian Basescu with the ambassadors of the European Union states accredited in Bucharest, quoted Basescu as allegedly saying Romania’s relation with Russia had been hit by the spying row and the expulsion of three staff of the Russian embassy in Bucharest.

The report seems to have been authored by Austrian ambassador Martin Eichtinger on May 14 to the attention of the Austrian foreign ministry and the Austrian embassies in Brussels, Chisinau, Kiev and Moscow.
The Austrian embassy in Bucharest expressed ‘deep’ regret that a document allegedly belonging to this diplomatic representative office with respect to a meeting between President Basescu and the EU ambassadors was made public.
‘The Austrian authorities have started in inquiry into this case and they are going to take all the required steps to clarify the situation. In this context, the Austrian embassy reminds that the drawing up of the reports on talks and contacts of the embassy are internal documents and they do not represent the official Austrian position’, the Austrian embassy said in a press release on Sunday.
In early March, Romanian NCO Floricel Achim was remanded in custody on charges of having communicated secret intelligence to Bulgarian citizen Marinov Zikolov to the benefit of Ukraine.

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