Project on creation of a Romanian community point in Brussels

The Romanian Social Democrats Organization in Brussels had on Wednesday a meeting with Jacques Ouziel, responsible in the Belgian Executive with the labor market restrictions in Belgium, occasion with which a project for the establishment of a Romanian community point in Brussels was presented, reveals a press release of the aforementioned organization in the Capital of Belgium.
„We do not really know the Romanian community in Belgium. We need such organized structures to carry out an articulated dialogue”, said Jacques Ouziel. „The idea of the community centers is welcome, and the project is well defined and argued. Most certainly, we will help its development”, added the Belgian official.
Present in the meeting, Dan Luca, candidate of PSD+PC Alliance for the European Parliament, said that „it is important to work together with our Belgian colleagues in order to identify all sort of issues, which might be a barrier for our compatriots’ access on the labor market in Belgium”.
According to Romania’s Embassy in Belgium, approximately 40,000 Romanians currently live in this country.
In December 2008, The Council of Ministers of Belgium approved a project which stipulates the lengthening of the transitory restrictions period imposed to Romanian and Bulgarian workers on the labor market for another three years, from Jan. 1, 2009 to December 31, 2011. Subsequently, these restrictions might easily be applied for another two years – the total period being in the case of Romania and Bulgaria being of seven years since their EU accession.

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