Renate Weber: Big discrepancy between EU anti-crisis measures and those taken in Bucharest

Liberal National Party (PNL, in opposition) candidate to the Euro-parliamentary elections Renate Weber brought criticism on Thursday, in Vaslui (east), to the anti-crisis measures taken by the government in Romania, which she considers atypical.
„I cannot but remark the discrepancy between the anti-crisis measures taken at the level of the European Union (EU) and those in Bucharest.
In the EU member states the decision was taken to reduce VAT to certain products and services in order to boost consumption and to aid companies to survive. In our country the lump-sum tax was introduced, which has as a result killing the small companies and jobless increase”, stated Renate Weber.
She also stressed that a simplification of procedures for the European funds accession is needed, given that, lately, the „bureaucratic barriers multiplied on these funds’ accession path”.
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