Romania, Russia might cooperate in building power plants

Romania and Russia might cooperate in building natural gas firing power plants, the Romanian Economy Ministry reports in a press release.
Romanian Economy Minister Adriean Videanu is currently on an official visit to the Russian Federation, where he has introduced to Russian Energy Minister Sergey Smatko the possibility of the two countries building gas-firing electric power plants.
Part of his Russian tour, Videanu has also met Minister of Education and Sciences Andrey Fursenko and officials of the TMK corporation.
At the meeting with Smatko, Videanu discussed Romanian energy issues, rehabilitation and upgrading projects for Romanian power plants, heat plants and hydropower plants, which is to the common interest of both countries because they are using Russian technology to operate.
Also discussed were projects for future energy corridors, which will be detailed today at a meeting scheduled with the Gazprom management.
The two officials agreed that a working group will be set up in the next two months to identify concrete cooperation projects.
At the meeting with Russian Minister Fursenko, Videanu discussed cooperation within the Joint Romanian-Russian Commission, which will convene in meeting this autumn at the proposal of the Russian party.
During the meeting with TMK management officials the effects of the ongoing global crisis on the steel markets was approached, and an analysis was made of the TMK subsidiaries operating in Romania.
The Romanian party voiced readiness to support the TMK member companies in Romania overcome crisis through job preservation measures and the continuation of investments in Romania.
The TMK corporation, one of the world’s leading three largest steel pipe makers, owns two factories in Romania: the Resita Iron and Steel Works and the pipe factory of Slatina.

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