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Stolojan assumes Social Democrats might step down from gov’t after Euro-polls

Democrat Liberal (PD-L) Theodor Stolojan, who tops the ruling party’s list for the Euro-parliamentary polls, said on Thursday that after the good results the PD- L will get at the elections for the European Parliament he assumes the Social Democrats (PSD, ruling together with the PD-L) would re-think their strategy and they might wish to step down from government.
‘We’ll beat them clearly in those elections and then I assume they would re-think their strategy, they would draw certain conclusions and they might step down from government.

The partnership is important for us and if they observe what is written in the partnership, then nobody has anything to say against them’, said Stolojan, when asked about the possibility that the PD-L might remove the Social Democrats from government, following the good results the PD-L would get in the Euro-elections.
The Democrat Liberal senior leader said in the southeastern port of Constanta that the coalition of the Democrat Liberals and Social Democrats is currently operating ‘admirably’, with both parties wishing to be in government and stressed that for the moment there is no reason to believe the coalition might not function.
‘They shot arrows at one another, it is a pre-election campaign. This situation is a novelty for Romania, since there are two ruling parties, but they compete against each other not only for the European Parliament, but for the country’s president too. Therefore, such stings are unavoidable. There is one thing, though, that remains absolutely firm, namely the government’s decisions’, Stolojan said.

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