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Vasile Puscas urges Romanians to cast their vote in EU elections

Head of the European Affairs Department (DAE) Minister Vasile Puscas pleaded on Thursday for a large presence in front of the ballot boxes and for a serious analysis of the direction citizens’ vote is indicating.
In a statement Vasile Puscas pointed out the need that the persons entitled to vote must not let themselves be influenced by the fact that the political parties are slandered publicly because they include both professionals, but also „clientage and opportunists”.
„The parties are very important institutions in the contemporary democratic system. If there is a problem with the parties, this is probably due to the fact that each party, in various proportions, contains clientage, opportunists, as well as professionals obviously, and it is up to the party leaders to select the most competent members, so they will be efficient in the public offices or decisional ones.
But at the same time it is also the citizens’ prerogative in a functional democracy to select the most adequate candidates for various public positions”, underlined Minister Vasile Puscas.

According to him, under such conditions, not necessarily parties are guilty of certain dysfunctions in the Romanian society or the manner the „specific” democracy is present in Romania.
It is also very important the modality used by party leaders when selecting the members of their formations and at the same time the selection by the citizens through the electoral process of their representatives to the public offices.
„This is a good moment to remind these aspects in the context of the future elections for the European Parliament (EP). That is why I urge Romanians to go to the ballot boxes and to profoundly meditate on the direction their vote will tale. The leaders are elected and in the end it is citizens’ responsibility to take part in the elections.
All the people criticize the parties, but one question remains, how the people would come to the vote, including to the Euro-parliamentary elections on June 7, if they are presented with party lists and the parties are publicly vilified and the people no longer trust them”, stressed Vasile Puscas.
DAE head pleaded in favor of a numerous presence at the vote, so that the citizens alone, if they really wish to change the political class, can do it by participating in the electoral process, including in EP’s elections on June 7.

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