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Boc: We have not right to stop the effort of knowledge invoking the crisis

The effort for an advanced knowledge cannot be stopped invoking the financial crisis, PM Emil Boc said on Friday, OM Emil Boc , the particpants in the UNESCO forum for upper education in the European region, voiced conviction that ways and means can be identified of ensuring the scientific continuity in universities.
„The UNESCO forum takes places in the context in which the entire womanhood is waiting from universities articulated answers in the big challenges of the contemporary world: the exit from the the sources of confilct.
It is ever clearer that, without the education of the human resources from one’s own community, the chances for a progress are small, ” reads the message of the prime minister, presented at the meeting, the chances of progress are small, ” reads the message of the prime minister, presented at a meeting held at the Parliament Palace, by Gabriel Badescu, head of the Agency for Governmental Strategies.
According to Emil Boc, the most dynamic and prosperous nations tend to be those who have known to invest in the training of specialists.

The four directions of the debates at UNESCO forum, the access to higher education, the values promoted by it, the quality of higher education formation, and competitiveness in the academic world stresses that the institutions of higher education are called to build new ways towards society, without giving up the traditional values, the prime minister said in his message.
In his opinion, the democratic access to university studies has to be approached taking into account the diversity of pre-academic studies, as well as the need to ensure a reasonable advance from master studies to doctor’s degreees.
The quality of university education is influenced, today, by the multiplication and diversification of the suppliers of university programmes, as well as by their involvement in life-long learning programmes, stressed the prime minister.
In the contemporary society, the university faces and is stimulated by the liberalization of the cross-border movement, both of students and of academics, and the offer of studies is no longer limited to the national market, it tends to be appreciated at global level, the message of the prime minister also reads.
He voiced conviction that, in the future decade, in the strategies of the competitive universities, measures and programmes will be found aiming at the excellence of the academics, a new didactic technology and the new university leadership/
More than 200 representatives of the academic life from European countries, from Israel and the United States attend the economic forum, held on Friday and Saturday, in Bucharest.

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