Corina Cretu: Attacks against Romania intensify during economic crisis

MEP Corina Cretu, a candidate for a new mandate on the list of the ruling Alliance between the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and the Conservative Party (PC) in the europarliamentary elections on June 7, said on Friday, in Satu Mare (north-western Romania), where she launched her book titled „European Romania,” that the attacks against Romania intensified during the economic crisis.
„The wave of xenophobia and the attacks intensify during the economic crisis. It is very important for us to have people representing us,” said the MEP. „The book titled ‘European Romania’ is a kind of report of activity,” added Corina Cretu, who was on the European Parliament’s Committee on Employment and Social Affairs and on the Committee on Development.

Corina Cretu also said that she would get involved for the right to free work of the Romanians all over Europe. At present there are 12 states banning the Romanians from the labour market.
„We are duty bound to explain what is going on in the European Union. It is the first time that we have had the right to send 33 fully-fledged MEPs to represent us,” she said.
Corina Cretu, who is the seventh EP candidate on the list of the PSD+PC Alliance, on Friday launched her book titled „European Romania” at the Satu Mare County Museum, Senator Valer Marian, Deputy Valeriu Zgonea and many heads of institutions and PSD mayors in the county attending the above-mentioned event.

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