Daciana Sarbu: Turnout is important

MEP of the Social Democratic Party (PSD, in the ruling coalition) Daciana Sarbu said on Thursday, May 21, in Bistrita (north) where she paid an electoral visit that the turnout will matter for Romania’s image in Europe, considering at many reports Romania lags behind.
„Although we are a full-fledged member, when we are to the negotiation table, many times we are being left aside because we haven’t been convincing enough at certain time. Now, being in an electoral campaign beyond the presentation of the projects, of what we’ve done at the European Parliament, I am trying to explain people how important it is for them to cast vote.
It is important that when reports on turnout are being made, we should no longer be at the bottom of the ranking. I would like us be to be among the first countries in terms of turnout so that we might say that Romanians are indeed interested in Europe and in the European Parliament and were aware of the importance of these elections,’ said the social-democrat parliamentarian.
Daciana Sarbu was present on Thursday alongside Mircea Pascu, Ecaterina Andronescu, Lavinia Sandru and the PSD leadership Bistrita-Nasaud at the monastery devoted to Sts Constantine and Helen of Dobric village.
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