Education Minister Andronescu opens UNESCO Forum

Romanian Minister of Education, Research and Innovation Ecaterina Andronescu on Friday opened the UNESCO Forum on Higher Education in the Europe Region: Access, Values, Quality and Competitiveness.
The minister said this event prepares the UNESCO Conference on Higher Education, scheduled for July 5-8 in Paris, after regional conferences in Columbia, Senegal, China and Egypt.
Andronescu underscored that without attaching special attention to higher education there is no sustainable development or a knowledge-based society.
‘Higher education is required to secure skills and knowledge for all the graduates to help them cope with a highly dynamic and competitive labour market, but also to meet the personal challenges they face all along their lives. That cannot be obtained without securing access to an increasingly larger category of people to quality education,’ said Andronescu.
She added that the main challenges facing education are securing access by increasing the high school enrollment of underprivileged persons, diversifying creativity and specialties of universities, identifying and adapting innovative financing mechanisms, developing management abilities and university leadership, diversifying the educational offer, creating partnerships, increasing transparency of curricula and internationalising educational programmes.
The minister pleaded for meetings of education ministers from around the world, pointing to the first such meeting that took place in 1967 in Vienna.
‘As far as the Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation (MECI) is concerned, we believe its determination to participate in the European and international higher education is already known.
The recent decision of the inter-ministerial conference of the Bologna Process for Romania to take over the Bologna Secretariat and organise the 2012 inter-ministerial conference, is a confirmation of our contribution to the moderation of the future European area of higher education,’ Andronescu concluded.
The UNESCO Forum, attended by more than 200 participants, is hosted by the Parliament Palace of Bucharest, May 22-24, organised by MECI and the European Centre for Higher Education, under the aegis of the Romanian Government.
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