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Mediation Council: Romanian mediators are very active

The Mediation Council ranks Romania among the first EU member countries in terms of mediation, the Council’s chairwoman Anca Elisabeta Ciuca said during the National Conference of the Mediators, on Friday.
‘The Mediation Council’s activity is extraordinary compared to that in the other EU countries. Except Germany, France, to a certain extent the UK and the Netherlands there are no other countries we can compare ourselves to,’ Ciuca stressed.
In her opinion the Romanian mediators are very active. ‘We have over 600 mediators who applied to open mediation offices throughout Romania, we have protocols with such associations in several counties, with the courts, the police and the local structures, and a large number of mediators showed interest in getting trained and join the profession.

The Government the Justice and Citizens Liberties Ministry are interested in transposing the Directive No. 52, namely in making mediation operational,’ the Mediation Council official said, adding that the authorized mediators are to elect the Council’s members, on Saturday.
The Mediation Council numbers nine people to be elected for a 2-year term. The 2009 edition of the National Conference of Mediators ends works on Sunday when it is also to announce the results of the elections of the Council’s members.
The Mediation Council is an institution that organizes the mediators system. The mediation is the most efficient alternative in solving conflicts without expensive and long-lasting court trials.

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